Unleash the Magic: Premium CBD Cigars by Enchanted Cannagar.

At Enchanted Cannagar, we handcraft premium CBD cigars that offer a unique journey of relaxation and wellness. Dive into the magic of our locally-sourced, high-quality hemp and discover a new realm of flavor and tranquility.

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Experience the Enchantment

Our handcrafted Cannagars offer a journey into premium, locally-sourced hemp, meticulously rolled for a slow-burning, flavorful smoke. Embrace the magic today.
Enchanted Cannagar

The Best in Cannagar Craftsmanship

Located in the heart of Southern California, Enchanted Cannagar is more than just a CBD cigar company – we’re a lifestyle brand committed to promoting wellness, relaxation, and the appreciation of nature’s gifts.

Our cannagars are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. We use only the highest quality, locally sourced hemp flowers, rich in CBD and carefully cured to preserve their natural flavors. Each cannagar is hand-rolled and wrapped in premium hemp leaves, resulting in a slow-burning, flavorful smoke that our customers love.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability and our community. We work closely with local farmers, ensuring our hemp is grown using organic, sustainable practices.

At Enchanted Cannagar, we believe in the power of nature to enchant and provide a unique, enjoyable way to experience the benefits of CBD, while honoring the earth and our community. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the magic of Enchanted Cannagar for yourself.

Enchanted Cannagar:

A Southern California-based lifestyle brand promoting wellness and relaxation through premium CBD cigars.

Handcrafted Excellence:

Our cannagars are meticulously crafted using high-quality, locally sourced hemp flowers for a rich, flavorful experience.

Quality and Flavor:

Each cannagar is hand-rolled and wrapped in premium hemp leaves, ensuring a slow-burning, enjoyable smoke.

Enchanted Cannagar CBD Cigars

Casting the Spell: The Art of Crafting Cannagars

At Enchanted Cannagars, we believe in the magic of nature and the transformative power of CBD. Our handcrafted CBD cigars, or cannagars, are a testament to this belief, embodying the enchantment of nature in every puff. Here’s a glimpse into the art of crafting our Enchanted Cannagars:

Step 1: Gathering Nature’s Magic

Our journey begins in the lush hemp fields of Southern California, where we handpick the finest CBD-rich hemp flowers. These flowers are the heart of our cannagars, providing the potent CBD and the rich, complex flavors that our customers love.

Step 2: Sculpting the Enchantment

Once we’ve gathered our materials, we grind the flowers to the perfect consistency for rolling. The ground CBD is then carefully packed and rolled into a cigar shape, using a mold to ensure consistency. This forms the core of our cannagars.

Step 3: Wrapping the Spell

The final touch in crafting our Enchanted Cannagars is wrapping them in premium hemp leaves. We only use all natural, flavorless, odorless, vegan Friendly GlueGar to seal the cannagar. This not only gives our cannagars their distinctive appearance but also adds an extra layer of flavor. Each leaf is hand-selected for its quality, color, and size, ensuring a perfect wrap every time.

Step 4: The Enchantment Unfolds

Once crafted, our cannagars are allowed to cure. This process allows the flavors to meld together, creating a harmonious blend that enhances the overall smoking experience. After curing, our Enchanted Cannagars are ready to cast their spell, delivering a unique, enjoyable way to experience the benefits of CBD.

At Enchanted Cannagars, we’re not just making CBD cigars – we’re crafting enchantment, one cannagar at a time. Experience the magic for yourself today.

Enchanted Cannagars

Why We Cast a More Enchanting Spell?

Lab Tested CBD Flower

At Enchanted Cannagar, our CBD flowers undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality, potency, and safety.

Premium Hemp Wrap

Enchanted Cannagar's premium hemp wraps are meticulously selected for their quality, adding an extra layer of flavor and ensuring a slow, even burn for an enchanting CBD cigar experience.

Only Natural Cigar Glue

We only use all natural ,flavorless, odorless, vegan friendly GlueGar to seal our Cannagars

Enchanting Relaxation

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Our Customer Testimonials

A truly enchanting experience! The flavors are rich and the relaxation is real.

John D.

The quality of Enchanted Cannagars is unmatched. The slow burn ensures a long-lasting session.

Robert T.

Highly recommended! The care and expertise that goes into creating these Cannagars is evident in every puff.

Michael B.